Overview of Mitsubishi Services.

Mitsubishi Motors' top quality engineering and manufacturing operations makeyour vehicle one of the best built in the industry. However, quality cannoteliminate the need for proper scheduled maintenance.

Your Warranty and Maintenance Manual specifies that maintenance must becompleted at certain times and mileages.

  • To maintain the high level of performance that has been engineered into yourvehicle (Maintain original performance of vehicle).
  • To guard against major repair expenses that may result from neglect (Preventhigh repair cost).
  • To assure the proper functioning of the engine control system. (Good forenvironment and fuel economy).
Overview of Mitsubishi Services.


The engine oil and filter enhance engine performance and longevity. Regular oil and filter changes prevent excessive engine wear; keep the engine cool; and ensure long term reliability.


To avoid any potential mechanical problems and ensure reliable performance,ATF replacement of Mitsubishi Genuine Fluid is recommended with periodical maintenance schedules.


Proper maintenance is required to secure maximum tread life,tire durability and fuel economy. Always check and adjust air pressure when a tire is cold to obtain accurate readings.


The purpose of these adjustments is to maximise tread life and drive stabilityalong straight and level roads, crowned roads, as well as correct racking whendriving on turns.


Moisture absorbed in brake fluid can also cause rust inside the brake systemleading to cylinder and piston malfunction.Periodical replacement of brake fluid is recommended.


We specialize in other maintenance services such as battery replacement, wiper replacement, AC maintenence, evaporator cleaning and quick inspections.

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