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KAM offers wide ranges of Mitsubishi cars that are specially manufactured to suit the type of fuel and the nature of the airspace in Iraq. The company is provided with specially manufactured vehicles to suit the local market in Iraq.

The company has inventory subject to periodic monitoring to ensure the availability of ideal storage conditions and quantities as they are imported directly from the country of origin. (Japan)

The company offers a bunch of distinguished offers periodically in order to reach the satisfaction of its customers and through competent staff trained by the parent company, where the level of service provided in the company is subject to the KPI system. We are proud to provide the highest level of customer service by selling nearly 38,000 cars during the past ten years. We seek to provide the types of Mitsubishi Motors cars with their modern models that meet the desire of Mitsubishi Motors customers in the Iraqi local market.

Imported vehicles are subject to strict control when selecting specifications and luxury specifications in order to keep pace with the global development of the car market and meet the needs of the last user.


Ideal storage conditions and quantities

Customer service

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